Mad Gods - One-Shot (2022)


 Linwood Storm


Hasani Ele


Hasani Ele

Dec 12, 2017

A society of vigilantes unpredictably flourishes within this anomalous universe! Introducing a young cinéphile ex-hitman, one of many genetically enhanced African clones, a war-torn soldier fused with xeno-technology, a traumatized ballet student cursed with vampiric abilities, and more unique characters!



Controversial author Linwood Storm brings one of the darkest sides of imagination that the graphic novel industry has to offer.


Only physical print copies will be delivered with an exclusive signature on the cover from the author.* However, both digital and physical print copies include the entirety of GameCargo’s ‘Multiverse Myths’ Book One: ‘The Spiral’.

Print: Unavailable
Digital: $5.00