An Hour, Plus a Pen, and a Pad

An Hour, Plus a Pen, and a Pad Lyrics

[Verse 1: Electronic Jack]

Have you heard of my past? I’m a ‘Brutal Legend’ and at twenty-seven, I done popped ten reverends, rock sin-malevolent, ain’t-a-devil better-than-me…on-epi-ne-phrine, get ‘Left 4 Dead’ meddlin’. This a ‘Battlefield 4’/for a ‘Bulletstorm’, ‘Human Revolution’, we’re ‘Children-of-the-Corn’. ‘Dark Souls’ ‘Bound By Flame’, around my chains…is a bunch of robots like ‘Binary Domain’. But I’m on the ‘Brink’ like ‘The Evil Within’…’s wanting me to leave ‘Dead Space’ for the ‘Front Mission…Evolved’ is my mindstate, when I’m not grippin’. ‘Just Cause’ I’m a ‘Crysis’ to all of you bitches.

Sure, I like black but I Donna/Don-A-Red ‘Red Faction’ when I need to put the ‘Gears of War’ into action’. I cash-in my bounties, button mashin’, white phosphorus till your crew is nothin’ but ashes.

I go “pop pop” when I auto-lock. I shoot my kids when she swallow cock. Gobble or not, the block gon’ need a mop. I bust like Anna Faris just rode on top.

A ‘Scary Movie’, hairy coochie, Kara sue me? Get buried nudely. Rarely moody, but fairly crudely, these hotlines got Miami woosie.

‘Fooly cooly’…Ah, fuck it!

He ain’t gon’ respond to this, and instead get offended when I say I’m the better writer, and he’s a novice with, envy, because lyrically, I’ll leave his career like five armless deer hunters suspended in a ‘Human Centepede’. That’s ten feet. In the headlights of my Bently. My verse is like a dick in your ear, it fucks you up mentally.

Yet another reference to that Wayans’ Brothers movie…But you take L’s, never held a W, B. You and Derron bring up my privilege like I should be ashamed of holding a G.

There’s never been a box that I ain’t cum in. (That I wanted to)
Jackie sucks black cock. you know that’s true. (I’m number forty-two).
Born in ’94 and I’m disrespectful. If you don’t bow, then, I will check you.
I slay all my opps like I’m playing ‘Tenchu’.