FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What does the “GC” stand for in GCArts Entertainment?
A: GameCargo.

Q: Is their a limit when it comes to your team’s and collaborator’s artistic freedom?
A: We don’t believe in censorship without the desire to include such involvement from our creators. Taboos are explored tastefully with Black Humor.

Q: What influences the GCUniverse?
A: The influence inside of the GCUniverse ranges from Pop Culture, to Hip Hop, Blaxploitation, Martial Arts, Heroic Bloodshed, Erotic, Grindhouse, Sci-Fi, Samurai Cinema, Religious, Horror and Black Comedy, along with “Ripped From The Headlines” sub-plots.

Q: If the GCUniverse is a multi-verse, how many universes will we be introduced to?
A: The main universe ventured into is Earth 3/12. An anomaly! However, there are many other universes that will be seen. The “Fourth Wall” universe is one that exists outside of the Multi-verse, which will feature many creators, celebrities, and more. The “Drive-In” universe is made up of fiction TV-Shows, Movies, and V Games are seen as well as heard in the Earth 3/12 universe. Be on the lookout for many connections!

Q: Do the Movies, Short Films and Comic Books follow the same continuity?
A: Our Movies and Short films follow the same continuity. The Comic Books are separate so that we may tell many different stories without plot inconsistencies.

Q: What is the recommended age for your team’s content?
A: It all depends on the creator’s work. We have content for teens and we have content for adults. Please make note of disclaimers as explicit warnings.