Embracing the Storm of Linwood’s Psyche | A Brain Dump Interview with Dr. Georgia Lane Mundy of Earth 3-E [NSFW]

The man, the beast, the genius… Linwood Storm is many things to quite a few people who have seen him in vastly different lights. This transcribed interview was made possible by the combination of wireless prototype Xeno-technology, ripe aged tea, and deep meditation caused by hypnosis. We, at GameCargo, do not recommend trying to replicate this experience as it is still considered experimental and the blessings of deities were on our side.

This session was conducted by prominent Pyschodoc, Dr. Georgia Lane Mundy of Earth 3-E, on 06/01/2022.

Georgia Lane Mundy: So, you two finally agreed upon collaboratively manifesting this elegant three-story library to safely confine us for this Psychodoc session. Why?

George Mundy IV: Libraries are full of written words and spoken dialogue that creates worlds for the brain to envision. These worlds can be truth or fiction. It solely depends on what the reader believes. Hence why they’ve historically been considered the most dangerous places to exist.

Linwood Storm: Hey, y’all. I would just like to start this interview off by saying “Fuck Darren Puddles and anybody that love’ him” since everything’s going to be publicized.

George Mundy IV: You really need to get over this farcical vendetta that you have against the guy. He clearly suffers from a mental disorder like “what’s-her-name”.

Linwood Storm: Both of ’em are on my shitlist. You have one who hides behind a Pro-Black American agenda in order to mask his narcissism and another who used us in an attempt to gain a semblance of worthwhile identity. How do you not hold a grudge against two lowlife pieces of garbage? We supported them and they lied numerous times to protect their own images from being tarnished! Let me release the tapes, screenshots, and videos so we can ruin them…

George Mundy IV: It’s not worth it. You’ve seen how they’ve alienated those around them. Being a bully as well would distract us from reaching the pinnacle of our spiritual journey. While every now and then, I let you put a timberland boot on their necks as a reminder of what we’re capable of, we have a personal brand to protect.

Linwood Storm: They tried to humiliate us…

George Mundy IV: Not “us”. You. Remember that we rightfully defended ourselves from Darren’s slander, and the fact that he had to add an inaccurate caption to a picture that we provided him through a so-called “friend” spoke volumes about his character.

Linwood Storm: The people don’t care about facts. Those kinda Black people do not care about facts. They want to be entertained and shift accountability for their behavior. It’s bad enough that we have to deal with White people falsely assuming that our race currently represents an “abomination of culture” in this country, in order to justify their mistreatment of us, but on top of that, we’re called “coons” for simply holding each other to higher standards so that we can break the same amount of bread together.

George Mundy IV: Not “all”, but some…and we have allies of various ethnic backgrounds. Let’s not single out a couple because of poor experiences with the bottom-of-the-barrel victims of transgenerational trauma passing themselves off as bearers of culture.

Linwood Storm: Dysfunctional culture…

Dr. Georgia Lane Mundy: This is interesting.

George Mundy IV: Our apologies.

Dr. Georgia Lane Mundy: Don’t apologize. I never met my father before he passed, so to telepathically reach into his subconscious from another universe has been fascinating so far, to say the least.

Linwood Storm: How do we know that we didn’t conjure your existence to deal with our internal conflict?

Dr. Georgia Lane Mundy: You don’t. Everything is real and nothing is real.

Linwood Storm: Yeah, she’s our daughter, alright.

George Mundy IV: Agreed.

Dr. Georgia Lane Mundy: I pulled this snapshot from your memory bank of regrets. The code from it was blocking my path to your soul. You were a good sport about it and could have exposed him for not only lying but defrauding Black Americans along with the IRS. Why didn’t you?

Linwood Storm: We definitely should have.

George Mundy IV: He fooled us twice. I decided to cut our losses. He hasn’t bothered us since. You can’t offer friendship to a troll under a bridge who only associates with other problematic creatures. Walk over the bridge and leave them to their fates.

Dr. Georgia Lane Mundy: I feel that you should, dad…or should I say “dads”?

George Mundy IV: You can be singular with us. We’re plural for the distinction that the Fourth Wall universe requires to understand our duality.

Linwood Storm: He doesn’t like me very much… I cause him panic attacks and headaches unless we’re stoned. Then I get full control for a few hours if I don’t slip up and bust a few nuts. Anyway, you heard our daughter!

Dr. Georgia Lane Mundy: How do you feel now that the truth is public knowledge?

Linwood Storm: Goddamn, that shit is still hilarious! For a preemptive strike caused by cowardly fear, you have to admit that he made an impact. I would have gutted him with a WASP knife and pissed on his face after eating a plate full of asparagus though. I couldn’t have laughed that shit off! You’re a better man than me, George. Fix yourself before getting on any webcams. Papi lookin’ like ‘Crackhead Jorge’. Got “Uncle Denzel”‘d.

George Mundy IV: …Nothing changes, Georgia, but now I regret letting Linwood constantly attack blerds because I’m concerned that they most likely feel alienated from Black American culture due to the likes of the insecure and bipolar that manage to build a following based on entertainment rather than contributions to Black American communities.

Linwood Storm: I don’t know why the fuck you feel that way. Just like Darren Puddles’ bitch-ass, they’re responsible for holding us back from acquiring collective power. Who cares how their childhoods were? We’ve already established that people can’t change. They either stay the same or evolve into their inevitable forms while being constrained by an evergrowing sensitive-ass society.

George Mundy IV: We changed…

Linwood Storm: Motherfucker, we are still the same! We simply know how to hide our narcissistic tendencies, professionally. We are just like our father. Only five steps ahead. He knows this. He’s trying to catch up. Beat us. Keep us in his control. It has nothing to do with love and you’re a fool if you’ll ever trust him after what he did to us.

George Mundy IV: We need him alive to learn what makes us tick.

Linwood Storm: You don’t need him. You need me. You created me. I keep him in his place, for you. I keep everybody in their place…for you.

Dr. Georgia Lane Mundy: When did you “create” Linwood, George?

George Mundy IV: Right after my father decked me. He didn’t care about my pain. I could see it in his eyes. He cared about how he would look to everyone else, and my mother did absolutely nothing. My youngest brother casually sneered as a clapback: “This is why Dad gave you a black eye.” …No one fucking protected me!

Time stops:

Dr. Georgia Lane Mundy (Whispering): Patient #1994420 is struggling to resist a mental breakdown. I request permission to wake him up immediately.

Mundïus (Telepathically): Permission denied. It is imperative that you complete your objectives… You wanted this job. Now, do it.

Time resumes:

Linwood Storm: –And no one respected you until I came along. I gave you books. I gave you strength. I gave you willpower. I gave you control of your darkness… Gods do not bargain with a moral compass. “What’s effective isn’t always what’s right.” I taught you that.

George Mundy IV: You caused others unnecessary pain to get the outcome we desired!

Linwood Storm: No! I gave them consequences for slighting us. The greatest conquerors in history had to be psychopaths. Would you rather be a psychopath…or another slave like our ancestors? We sold ourselves into slavery and we will continue to do so until you lead these people. Make them say our names.

Dr. Georgia Lane Mundy: Why did you add “Storm” at the end of your middle name?

George Mundy IV: Keysle Sorm was a fellow Black video game programmer that I met when I was a teenager on the YYGF/YoYoGames forum, and I considered him to be very intelligent in the sense that he was open to learning new concepts. “Sorm” reminded me of “Storm” and therefore sparked the idea that if I could bare a storm, I could take on anything or anyone.

Linwood Storm: I’m so glad that you ditched the username ‘UrbanIdiotic43’, brother. I’m partial to the ‘Electronic Jack’ alias. He only brings me out to pen lyrics under the persona when there’s decimation that needs to be done, though. It’s been a while since I have. He’s been trying to turn over a new leaf. Ha! As if they will allow him to. Don’t worry, baby girl. I’m the warrior in his garden. Blade, James Bond, and Chow Yun Fat…someone, sketch a composite of them for this cover.

George Mundy IV: I just want to be left alone…

Dr. Georgia Lane Mundy: What did you accomplish when you were left alone?

Linwood Storm: Sweet fuck-all.

George Mundy IV: Peace. I can never be hurt when I’m dreaming. That’s why I write. It’s the only way that I can escape this cesspool of existence. There’s no rhyme or reason as to why we are like this. We just are.

Linwood Storm: Bullshit! We are who we are. That’s the only meaning of life we need. Let me do what I do best and make sure you’re taken care of. Self-preservation is what we should primarily focus on.

George Mundy IV: You can’t account for everything. I can’t trust you. For example, look at the types of women that you choose! Like, wear a fucking condom, not just with these groupies, and stop falling in love because of your goddamn “mommy issues”. Your selection leaves a lot to be desired. Every single one of these women reflects the poorest corners of the mind that we share and they only validate your kinks. Not one of them you wanted to settle down with. Don’t get me started on how you force me to play the victim as motivation for your growth!

Linwood Storm: Fuck you… I was just fine with “using” them until you wanted us to “grow”. You made me weak and they eventually walked all over us like that Mexican bitch Elle. At least I could slap some sense into you every now and then with that milf whose personality was eerily similar to that of Whitney in that horrible comedy movie ‘Soul Man’. She fuckin’ handed you the blueprint to being a man and it took you being verbally abused day in, day out before you nutted up. Fucking pussy…

George Mundy IV: And your attitude led us to Ackie.

Linwood Storm: You don’t want to say the cunt’s name either, huh? At least we agree on something.

George Mundy IV: We were a means to an end.

Linwood Storm: Yeah, a “dead end”. The broad tried so hard to be us and complained when she fell flat on her ‘Gone Girl’-looking-ass face. You were right though. A parasite can’t survive without a host and she’s pretty much a running gag in our life. Poor kid though. I hope he turns out better than us when he’s an adult.

George Mundy IV: Unfortunately, I doubt that he will. As meek as our father was, at least he’s been present throughout our lives and his placation of our mother’s behavior kept her from doing some serious damage. He was learning and did a lot more right than he did wrong as a parent. Like it or not, Linwood. We could have been him with Ackie as the mother of our child if that pregnancy scare that she had wasn’t a scare.

Dr. Georgia Lane Mundy: You two have a lot of scares.

Linwood Storm: It’s not our fault that these sluts care more about feeling our dick than protecting themself from being knocked out. I can’t think of a single girlfriend that we’ve had that hasn’t “thought” she was pregnant at some point in the relationship. As soon as I hear “You would make a great father”, it’s on-to-the-next.

George Mundy IV: Lyn from the Philippines was nice though.

Linwood Storm: Nah, she was crazy too. Extremely gorgeous, thick, small bubble butt, worshipped the ground we walked on, but she had a tattoo of our name on her back that belonged to a former love. You didn’t pick up on that part. Hence the obsession. Aside from our “size”, of course. Lyn pursued us for years after we left the country.

George Mundy IV: Personally, I’m glad that she’s happy with her current suitor.

Linwood Storm: Have you noticed that they all seem to find a version of us within their own race? Even our brothers pointed this out!

George Mundy IV: Yes, and I’m sure you love that as an ego boost.

Linwood Storm: They always come back too. Well, not if we block them. I don’t know why you do that. You know they stalk us! Let them witness our greatness unfold!

George Mundy IV: I don’t need to carry that baggage into future relationships and we both wouldn’t want Ackie creeping back into the picture.

Linwood Storm: I hate her. She’s like our mother.

George Mundy IV: No kidding. By the way, Georgia…who is your mother?

Dr. Georgia Lane Mundy: …Oh, sorry, I was finishing this Yaoi–

George Mundy IV and Linwood Storm: –Fuck! Really?! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

Dr. Georgia Lane Mundy: Relax, it’s not that bad. You saw yourself in her for a reason.

Linwood Storm: This is where she would go “And I like seeing him in me too”!

George Mundy IV: She’s right… We need to relax. It was bound to happen in a multiverse of infinite possibilities. Wait–that dream we had with Ackie?

Dr. Georgia Lane Mundy: Yes. An alternate reality. Yes. History repeated itself. Yes, George Linwood Mundy V is almost as fucked up as you two. NPD (Narcissistic personality disorder) and BPD (Borderline personality disorder) make for a predictable pairing. You aren’t as bad as your father, however. You did a few weeks in jail when you flew off the handle after seeing her smack him, and eventually gained full custody of the kids… Your “documentation” of her erratic behavior throughout the years came in handy. You ending the relationship was worse in that universe. She couldn’t save face by lying because you did it publicly, instead of privately like on your Earth.

(Jaclyn/Jackie’s profile picture at the time was that of a minor. GameCargo has chosen to censor it to respect privacy. We do not condone harassment of any sort and do not encourage engagement with those mentioned. These screenshots are for documentation purposes to add validity to statements made by the author in defense against defamation of his/her’s character.)

George Mundy IV: I’ve moved past my disdain toward her. I’m indifferent. I did everything that I could to help her and the child so that he wouldn’t become another lost Black American boy. I felt like a failed soldier. That boy could have been me.

Linwood Storm: And I tried to pull you out of that war so many times. Let these unstable whores fend for themselves. At least you stopped fucking with these white women. Stay away from them, or at least make a small exception for Noomi Rapace. I wouldn’t mind indulging in some Swedish fever for a bit.

Dr. Georgia Lane Mundy: You two have faced a lot of assumptions about your racial preference for women. Would you both like to clarify it “on the record”?

Linwood Storm: We’ve been with Black, white, Asian, Hispanic, and Dutch. American women generally aren’t my thing, but they get the job done in the bedroom. Culturally speaking, he loves Black African women, and I can’t say that I blame him, but I wouldn’t turn down advances from Kellita Smith or Nia Long.

Dr. Georgia Lane Mundy: Kellita Smith is tall for a Black American woman. Aren’t you 5’6?

Linwood Storm: She’s the same height as our current squeeze, who’s also Black but much younger, and I love taller women. They noticeably have less of an attitude and are oddly enough more feminine. There’s something about face-fucking an Amazon woman in a pair of high heels while she’s on her knees in front of me that gets the blood pumping in the ole johnson.

George Mundy IV: Please stop talking and do let me take the wheel for the remainder of this discussion’s duration…

Linwood Storm: He won’t tell anyone this, but George loves curvy and seductive or innocent-looking submissive BBW Japanese women. Bonus points if they’re older and let him nurse on their breasts while she’s giving him a handjob. Think…Hana Haruna, Anri Okita, and Mako Oda. Your mother…

Dr. Georgia Lane Mundy: Yes, she’s racially ambiguous and appeals to features that you two gravitate towards in a woman. Why did you grossly exaggerate her personality when you based Tianna on her in ‘Little Tia and the High Beast’?

George Mundy IV: To be fair, Obasi, who is based on us, is also “grossly exaggerated”.

Dr. Georgia Lane Mundy: You still make yourself out to be the hero, and I’ve noticed that you often do with your self-inserts, despite any repugnant actions that those characters may take. Why is that?

Linwood Storm: What’s effective isn’t always what’s right…as I keep telling him. I wrote most of the story when he was on cloud nine. Your mother was disgusted at first, but then thought it was cool how I told a story that acted as a warped parallel dimension for us to heal together.

Dr. Georgia Lane Mundy: How sweet…no, I’m serious. I’m surprised that you could be that bold with expressing your feelings in such a way, dad.

George Mundy IV: You should tell her about the time you opened up around our father and youngest brother. How the catalyst to all of this is actually our mothers. They are the chickens laying eggs.

Dr. Georgia Lane Mundy: Do you believe a woman has more responsibility than a man in raising children?

Linwood Storm: Unless we rape them and create anti-abortion laws that stem from the delusions religion indoctrinates our society into, rather than science, they’re completely responsible for spreading their legs like a cheap nudie mag’.

George Mundy IV: And we’re responsible for providing education so they can make proper choices.

Linwood Storm: It’s common sense that fucking is for procreation. We started doing it for fun and look where that got us?

George Mundy IV: Pot calling the kettle black.

Linwood Storm: We don’t have any kids yet. At least in this universe. Ain’t that right, Georgia?

Dr. Georgia Lane Mundy: I legally couldn’t tell you if I wanted to.

George Mundy IV: So who do we hold responsible for our father’s mistakes, Linwood? His mother? What about her mother?

Linwood Storm: Don’t get me wrong, brother… giving them equal rights without updating the laws that were passed to protect this snowballed into this mess and that’s on us, but by now, they should know better. I await the course correction.

George Mundy IV: Right… in the meantime, feel free to continue to hold on to your rage toward our father, who was just as much a victim as we were. Yet, evolved into someone who we can now rely on and look to for guidance. Someone who’s trying to rediscover themselves, as we are as well. You have no problem with spending his money and using the resources that he continually gifts you. Your entitlement reeks of the same toxic women that we criticize… I think you’re projecting, and fear what’s to come if you don’t still cling on to our trauma. After all…trauma is your mommy and daddy.

Linwood Storm: …Don’t think for one goddamn second that you should forgive your father! We’ve seen his dark side once–

George Mundy IV: And we never saw it again. Haven’t we?

Linwood Storm: Because I kept my fucking boot on his neck! It can happen again. If not him, then someone else who gets too close will.

George Mundy IV: I’ll trust you to deal with them when that happens then… What’s free will if there was never any, to begin with? It doesn’t matter what we do because we’re going to do it anyway.

Linwood Storm: Not this again…

Dr. Georgia Lane Mundy: What again?

Linwood Storm: His ‘Best Possible Outcome’ theory. Basically, the multiverse simultaneously converges into one that plays out the most efficiently. Thus making the reality of happiness a figment of a single life’s configured imagination and to achieve happiness a.k.a. build a powerful energy source to help expand the galaxy, the individual has to pass trials in order to reach the ultimate conclusion. What my conjoined twin doesn’t realize is that his theory makes my existence all the more indispensable. We’re dependent on each other’s choices for the sake of balance. It also makes everybody else an NPC in our head.

Dr. Georgia Lane Mundy: Non-Playable Character?

Linwood Storm: Exactly. They’re living favorable lives in a universe that’s their “Best Possible Outcome”. We serve a purpose to them and they serve a purpose to us. Thinking about the mechanics of such a concept is a waste of brain cells. Wasn’t ‘The One and Only Space-Age Mansion of Mansion Musa’ our final “therapy session”, George?

George Mundy IV: Yeah, it was…all of our self-insert counterparts were pretty disturbing or sad people.

Dr. Georgia Lane Mundy: That’s because you didn’t write a counterpart of Guus L. Makuto IV who was happy. All of their behaviors had to represent the expression of fantasies both of you two share. In order to achieve happiness, there can no longer be a dual consciousness. You two would have to merge spiritually, let go of any hate, and be content with fate.

George Mundy IV and Linwood Storm: Hmm.

Dr. Georgia Lane Mundy: George needs to embrace the storm and Linwood has to move on from the past. You two need both compassion and dominance. To be both a lover and a fighter. To think about the needs of one another and find a middle ground.

George Mundy IV and Linwood Storm:

Dr. Georgia Lane Mundy: A common goal.

George Mundy IV and Linwood Storm: Are you happy?

Dr. Georgia Lane Mundy: Why does that matter?

George Mundy IV and Linwood Storm: It does.

Dr. Georgia Lane Mundy: My existence cannot be your common goal, dad. I may not even be born in your universe. I’m a possibility. That’s all I am and can be to you.

George Mundy IV and Linwood Storm: That’s all that we need, to do better. I’m ready to move on.

End of Session #001 with Patient #1994420.

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