‘Little Tia and the High Beast’ by Linwood Storm [Multiverse Myths]

Disclaimer: The tale that you are about to read has been illegally extracted from the Orion Five’s incomplete galactic archives and therefore any information provided in it should be deemed non-canonical concerning historic databases that document alternate timelines for educational purposes due to the possibility of third-party alterations.

Trigger Warning: Contains Graphic Violence, Aberrant Sexual Content, Rape, Drug Use, Brief Strong Language, Blasphemy, and Incest

It has been agreed upon by scientists that accepting the actuality of a multiverse is less of a struggle for the brains of intelligent species than processing the possibility of being trapped in an automated simulation, especially humans. There are many variations of the latter as a theory and ironically, they have all been implemented by the corporations of deities in controlled environments when programming and engineering the first few handfuls of minds that drive a fresh batch of creatures. Unfortunately, genetic code that’s unstable requires a developer to generate a patch and this has always been done by occasionally introducing newer chemicals that are created with ingredients after scattering them in locations on land that will inevitably be discovered by labs, regardless of the time period, for the advancement of civilizations surrounding the areas.

Humans were the most complicated organic creations of Mundïus. He found them to be extremely creative, yet, very self-destructive in nature and their competitively adaptive A.I. proved incredibly difficult to predict without extensive studies that those continuously working on still claim to be unbearable. This is where the common religious phrase “Born into Sin” is derived from. The “Adam and Eve” trial between the first two humans to ever reach the age of twenty-one is known for being a vital piece of research conducted by Lucas Keifer Sr. in Africa that determined the likelihood that humans will pursue their innate curiosity over the bliss of stability, with the right incentive. Whether that’s furthering knowledge, pleasure through means that are prohibited, or an abundance of wealth. Acts of aggression outweighed happiness until a karma system was suggested by Mundïus’ youngest brother Eshu and implemented using the latter God’s ‘Morality Grid’. This considerably scaled down the amount of heinous behavior that was committed and combatted the instinct for violence with small rewards conveniently orchestrated as coincidences. The ‘Morality Grid’ received multiple awards across the galaxy for its ingenuity and how simple it was to “install” the bio-widget.

The fear of inevitable death and the uncertainty of a continued existence in some shape or form became a burgeoning fear among the earliest breed of humans after they witnessed their oldest patriarchal figure Methuselah, who lived to be the age of nine hundred and sixty-nine years, unexpectedly passed away before a “hard reset” that’s biblically referred to as ‘The Genesis Flood’. The cause of his departure from life has many recorded interpretations, but the truth is that Mundïus saw that humans under a strict timeframe produced resources at a higher rate, and so he ordered a young God of Death named Ogbunabali to capture Methuselah in order to study his genetic makeup to decrease the maximum life span of humans through modifications in diseases developed to control the population of mankind. This tactic, while denounced as unethical by other important deities, would be repeated roughly once every two thousand years until centenarians became a rarity and the overall work rate of humans was consistently high.

The consequences of limiting the maturation that cosmic energy holds after it has taken shape within a sentient being as a soul eventually reared its ugly head when the price to create it skyrocketed due to an increase in demand and the result was many deformities and abnormalities. If not for a suggestion that Mundïus recycled souls instead of letting them wander as spirits to dissipate in a few hundred years, mankind wouldn’t have survived for as long as it has. The transfer of a soul into a fully developed newborn was dubbed reincarnation. This required utilizing both of a human’s internal consciousnesses or “SoulDrives”. One SoulDrive contains a past life that is hidden so its stored memories do not bleed over into the second, which allows a rebooted perspective on reality. When a soul reincarnates, the second SoulDrive is overwritten with the last. Several personality traits are carried over to maintain a consistent balance of karma under the ‘Morality Grid’ without the mind consciously aware that there is an ongoing download occurring in the brain before stopping around the age of twenty-five.

The spread of various manufactured religions on planet Earth pacified the preponderance of humans concerned with their own demise, however, deities began to question their own longevity because none of them had any knowledge on whether or not they were truly immortal because while many have been to war and died fighting against one another, there hasn’t been a reported death caused by natural manners. Much like their creations, they could only theorize why they draw breath. The most commonly shared belief is that the Big Bang’s beginning was a speck of infinite possibilities and thoughts that spiral and it retracts to be reborn. The motto that deities commonly spout to explain the logic behind ‘The Dot’ is “If it can exist, it does or will”. This ideology and reliance on fractal geometry don’t bode well with some of them who feel that ‘The Dot’ may be a never-ending spring that puppeteers their will to live as a network of batteries to expand. A beaucoup of butterfly winged robots, known as Icadroids, have been sent by Chronos as far into the past as possible to find ‘The Dot’s source but none have ever returned from their journies, except for one, who brought back the heavily encrypted message “Out of Bounds”.

Although taken as a warning by the deities’ colleagues, Mundïus still sought to understand the power that “The Dot” generated and decided to spend millenniums obsessively attempting to replicate it based on the knowledge that had been acquired through studying the surviving Icadroid’s atom scanner. On the brink of killing himself, Mundïus was brought back from the edge by his team of scientists that disclosed they had finally simulated “The Dot” in a virtual and sentient space without memory or programming constraints. This inspired replica pulled its current from uploaded consciousnesses to stabilize the graphics of environments and was capable of convincing a soul that it had been transferred to a new host. This artificial control of reincarnation included the ability to implant programmed identities that would flourish as the host aged. Mundïus patented the technology under the trademark ‘Nu-Heaven’ and had it integrated into his company’s massive sixty-kilometer-wide and fifteen-kilometer-long starship. Since he is responsible for the formation of the human race, Mundïus is not interfered with when he beams up souls to import into his simulated heaven and uses the collected cosmic energy to fuel his starship’s warp engine, allowing for close-to-instant multiverse travel.

The unparalleled success of Mundïus would come to a momentary halt as every Earth’s birth rates started to decrease dramatically by 2035, either due to unstoppable nuclear war, medicine funded by governments that extended the average lifespan, or singular pills that could be taken by any gender and proved extremely effective in preventing pregnancies without any consequential risks. Atheism had also become the default point of view for the majority of civilizations. This prominent absence of God-worshippers had an astonishing impact on bringing down the death tolls that religious wars significantly rose and his ‘Nu-Heaven’ was unable to sustain the cosmic energy that his warp engine running long-term because souls were dying once they had gone through a handful of lifetimes. Mundïus’ starship needed stronger souls than the human race could offer him and the opportunity to have a couple would soon present itself.

Lucas Keifer Sr. would sire twins with Oshun, Mundïus’ ex-wife who left him prior to the groundbreaking evolution of his company. These twins were given the names Tianna and Obasi. They were inseparable in their mother’s womb and survived at the cost of being in such a rare vegetative state that an operation might shock them into cardiac arrest. Mundïus’ offered to upload their consciousness into his Nu-Heaven so that they may live the rest of their remaining lifetimes as normal residents and Lucas Keifer Sr. accepted his proposal on the condition that he could visit them without disturbing their identities under the guise of an unfamiliar character who would help them find each other in each of their lives. With all parties in a contractual agreement, Tianna and Obasi’s souls were transferred into Nu-Heaven. A profusion of thanks was exchanged between Lucas Keifer Sr. and Mundïus, the former, who was willing to put aside his awareness of the latter’s selfishness for the sake of his children’s well-being.

The current time period that Nu-Heaven had reached was the Paleolithic age, therefore, Tianna and Obasi had to begin their first lives during it as Prehistoric humans who happened to be second cousins. Mundïus noticed that when the twins were in close proximity with one another, the cosmic energy inside the warp engine started to fizzle, and his starship would shake uncontrollably, even more so when they both disturbed the peace beyond the limits that mirroring “The Dot” had set for Nu-Heaven. Mundïus explained this to the twins’ father and Lucas Keifer Sr. gave him permission to separate the two, in fear that the repercussions of not doing so might result in the warp engine spontaneously combusting.

This seemingly proved to be a manageable workaround, albeit short-term because Tianna and Obasi would always seem to find each other through conveniently placed rebirths. Sometime during the 18th century, Obasi saved Tianna from being burned at the stake, only for them to be shot in their heads by a mysterious gunsmith in all-black who wore a bag over his head and wielded a golden pair of miquelet pistols. This deadly encounter and ineluctable fate would repeat whenever the twins would interact long enough to be a problem. This infuriated Oshun when she had heard about how her twins were woven into what she called a murderous cycle and Mundïus reassured her that not all of their lives faced demise as a safety mechanism. There were more successful separation tactics that didn’t need violence or death than vice versa and neither would have been none the wiser if it had not been for a virus disguised as Delta-X edibles that were sold under the brand Outterplex in 2022.

Tianna had been reborn as Asia Reynolds, a half-Black and half-Chinese eighteen-year-old college dropout who lived at home with her ailing father Mr. Reynolds, and British nanny Lisa Wyckoff. She was a shy introvert who enjoyed playing massively multiplayer online games and reading yaoi manga. Asia also worked at her town’s local library and soup kitchen on the weekends to keep busy. Money wasn’t a concern because her family had plenty of it, however, she suffered from complex post-traumatic stress disorder, severe anxiety, and occasionally would have panic attacks that her nanny often helped her through. Asia’s psychologist thought her condition stemmed from childhood abuse, but she vehemently denied that such a thing occurred and mental illness was not prevalent in her family.

Obasi was reborn as Jorge Warfield, an Afro-Mexican thirty-year-old former stand-up comedian who was given half of his ex-wife’s lottery earnings after their divorce and retired a billionaire after investing a sizeable portion of his savings into several cryptocurrencies. Jorge was also a notorious womanizer, made frequent visits to high-class brothels, and built a reputation for being a quick-tempered narcissist with an unparalleled bundle of strange fetishes. Jorge was infamously quoted when the playboy stated that he wasn’t “sucidal but homicidal” on an episode of ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’. Surprisingly, Jorge had never been convicted for assault as his fights always began with everyone agreeing to engage in mutual combat on video, and he has never lost a “bout”, no matter the number of opponents that Jorge had to defeat. Any injuries that they sustained were completely covered by a fund that was set up by Jorge and thus encouraged great quantities of altercations.

How the twins would meet in this lifetime as Jorge Warfield and Asia Reynolds was unexpected, to say the least. Among the bountiful fan mail that Jorge would receive, he had ignored all but one lengthy handwritten letter from Franklin, Kentucky that arrived on the anniversary of his divorce. The letter read as follows:

“I want to belong to a man who sees the world as you do. The mere sight of your presence enlightens my perception and piques the darkness that lay dormant as I conceal it behind the innocence of a child to entrap the weak. Your words trigger the familiarity of memories that I cannot piece together. I wish to see past the illusion of our free will and synchronize vibration.” – You’re Other Half

Jorge Warfield had his fifty-one-year-old butler Mr. Carratala trace the address, confirm that the secret admirer is a woman, and uncover as much as he could about Asia Reynolds since she did not have any social media accounts, personal blogs, or published work on the internet. Mr. Carratala provided Jorge with sufficient information and Jorge grabbed the key to his black Ford Gran Torino before setting off on a solo road trip from his residence in Chicago, Illinois to Franklin, Kentucky. His butler Mr. Carratala chastising him for yet another impulsive decision did not stop the older man’s adventure, nor did recommending that he fly instead of driving for eight hours. Jorge wore his favorite navy beige check blazer over a white dress shirt, black khaki pants, leather boat shoes, and cut his baby locs.

It took a little less than seven hours for Jorge Warfield to arrive at the duplex that Asia Reynolds lived in with her family, parked outside on the sidewalk in front of their home, and waited until she left her house alone at night to approach the young woman. Asia was wearing a white long sleeve t-shirt with a plaid seductive biting-down-on-lower-lip design and oversized vintage pajama pants over black floral platform open-toe sandals. She kept her hair in long pigtails, sported Ray-Ban Clubmaster Square Optics glasses, and an expensive diamond infinity ring that never left the fourth digit that was selected by her to place down on.

The closer the two came near one another, the faster their hearts beat, and the stronger the twins’ auras became intoxicating. Jorge and Asia stared into each other’s red eyes and flashes of their previous encounters from past lives overwhelmed their senses before Asia’s next-door neighbor’s dog interrupted their connection by barking.

“Say it!” Jorge told Asia.

“I feel like I’ve known you for a very long time…” Asia said.

Jorge and Asia’s attraction grew as the two felt all over each other’s faces with their hands. They saw beyond the flesh vessels that covered their skeletons and recognized each other’s fiery energy as Obasi and Tianna. Obasi lovingly caressed Tianna’s babyface and she gently pulled on his scarred visage to make sure that he was real.

“Aren’t you a bit too old to be dressing like a little girl?” Obasi said while smirking.

“Says the self-proclaimed Beast of All Nations who’s known for liking them young…perhaps a bit too young.” Tianna sarcastically responded.

Tianna grabbed and held Obasi’s hand, leaning her head on his shoulder as they started to calmly walk to the family of Asia’s duplex. They let go of each other’s hands, and walked inside the left and right sides of the duplex, respectively. Chilling screams were heard as every single throat was slashed in the duplex and an arrow loop was carved in the foreheads of each family member, including the children. The twins simultaneously left their sides of the duplex, entered Jorge Warfield’s black Ford Gran Torino, and drove away while sirens blared from a nearby squad car. Inside Obasi and Tianna’s stolen vehicle, while covered in blood, they discussed how their shared experiences of getting on Outterplex’s Delta-X edibles led them to question the fabric of reality.

As Obasi drove, Tianna unfastened her sandals, removed them swiftly, then placed her long feet and dainty toes on Obasi’s lap. Obasi kept his left hand on the wheel and rubbed her soft feet with the other as she wiggled her piggies. Obasi’s erection enlarged past the point of ignoring the organ, so he unbuttoned his pants and released his nine-inch member from its cotton confinement. Tianna devilishly smiled at the view of his engorged python, spat into her palms, and twisted the entirety of its impressive length until it shined from top-to-bottom.

“I was a quantum physicist before I accidentally stumbled upon somethin’ that made someone take my life,” Obasi said.

“Cool beans, bro.” Tianna sarcastically responded as her soles clutched Obasi’s slick and swollen shaft.

“We’re a pair of fuckin’ Double As!” he yelled as Tianna proceeded to use her bottom half to stroke his throbbing penis up and down. Tianna remembered that Obasi was quite fond of them when he served her in a life where she was a princess and he was one of the thousands of slaves who obeyed every command. During her mother’s rule as a queen, Tianna would hold a worship session every year, in which all of her servants were required to masturbate on her feet after licking them clean of the last man’s semen. Obasi was the only slave who didn’t, and she rewarded his bravery with a night of privately worshipping her feet after being freshly bathed.

“I miss being a princess…and whatever made me this fuckin’ dweeb has some goddamn ‘splainin’ to do,” Tianna said tugging on one of Obasi’s testicles with a set of her curled toes as the other curiously bounced his cock’s head back and forth.

“Not only does this mean reincarnation is real, but there are strings being pulled to move certain people away from others,” Obasi said as his dick twitched and dribbled precum. “We don’t have much time now that we’ve met.”

“Oh, Joy… You know, I wouldn’t mind ending it and praying for the best…” Tianna said to herself.

“Other way ’round, baby girl, but whoever, whatever comes for us…does whenever we fuck shit up,” Obasi explained. “You catch more killers with bodies.” he smiled and abruptly released large spurts of cum on her feet. She held up her left foot to his face and flexed it.

“Clean it for me, daddy?” said Tianna in her best baby voice.

Obasi licked each foot clean of his spunk and as soon as they arrived at their destination, a boutique hotel, they savagely kissed. Their kissing never broke until they reached the room that Obasi had paid for in advance. Tianna requested a gift from Obasi, a sacrifice to her, to show that he truly appreciates her return to him, and the next morning, he showcased the maid tied to a chair with her clothes shredded and panties gagging the employee’s mouth.

“The whitest dyke that I could find, baby girl,” Obasi told Tianna.

“You know what to do then, daddy,” Tianna said.

Obasi dragged the stuck maid to the bathroom, slit her throat with a utility knife, and drained the worker’s body into the bathtub until it was half-filled. Tianna took off her clothes, walked into the bathroom flaunting a tattoo of an open-mouthed snake with its tongue out, wrapped around her left leg, and hopped into the bloodsoaked bathtub to marinate for a while. “Old habits die hard, don’t they?” she said while genuinely relaxed.

“Like the geese that you had me run over on our way here?” Obasi retorted as he gave Tianna a baby bottle with a brown penis head cap and the words “Hush, Little One” printed on the front in cursive.

“You know how much I hate those annoying ugly fuckers, daddy!” exclaimed Tianna. “Maybe there is a reason why these nimrods keep trying to get me exorcised.”

“You were always fascinating…like watching a giraffe paint,” Obasi said reaching into the bathtub and squeezing Tianna’s c-cup breasts. “I need to pick up a few things before we head back to my place, so try to fend for yourself in the meantime, little one.” Obasi would ironically call her that because most of her past lives, she was noticeably taller them him. He was currently 5’7 and she was 5’10.

“You know how I hate being separated from you…” Tianna pouted.

“Hug the corpse, pet!” said Obasi as he left the hotel room.

A half an hour later, Obasi came back to see Tianna laying in bed naked with another man. Enraged, Obasi yanked the man out of the bed, grabbed him by the hair, and slammed his head through the bedroom’s television screen. The man struggled as his hips were grabbed by Obasi and the antagonized lover destructively penetrated him raw from behind. The more the man shook, the more cuts that the television screen’s glass made across his neck until he finally bled out. Obasi climaxed inside of the dead man’s torn prolapsed rectum, slid his softening bloody tool out, and attended to Tianna.

“Suck it,” Obasi demanded, and Tianna laid on her stomach with her mouth wide open. Obasi grabbed her pigtails and pounded her throat until there were enough tears to clean his slimy rod with. “You keep forgetting why I am a beast…and now I’m going to mark my territory.”

Obasi urinated down Tianna’s throat and forced her to swallow every bit of his bottled stream. Tianna drank his bodily nectar and kissed the tip of his cock as she profoundly apologized to Obasi for her betrayal. Obasi ignored Tianna and overhead a news broadcast announcing that Outterplex’s Delta-X line was discontinued on the television in the living room. Obasi shook himself clean on Tianna’s tongue, walked into the living room, picked up his cell phone on the kitchen table, and called a cleaning crew that helps criminals dispose of bodies along with cleaning up murder scenes.

“Why do you care about whether we’re exposed to blind sheep?” Tianna questioned Obasi.

“I actually loved being Jorge and I plan on living this life for as long as I can, little one.” Obasi casually answered and ended his conversation with the cleaning management. Tianna rested her head back on a pillow, fell instantly asleep, and rested peacefully until she was disturbed by a panic attack brought on by a random life’s memory. She had been raped, tortured, experimented on, and abused by so many close to her in multitudinous bodies. One of the perpetrators happened to be Obasi when she was an eight-year-old concubine of his in Egypt. Her mind was molded to please his every desire as he fiercely ruled over his inherited land and conquered any that stood in his way.

“I’ll behave, please don’t do that…it hurts,” Tianna said underneath her breath as she cradled herself in her arms, tucked into a fetal position, and jerked when Obasi tried to touch her. Tianna screamed at the top of her lungs and hyperventilated when she was losing breath. Obasi started to sob because he remembered what she had endured at the hands of his wrath and questioned whether his personality was his own or the outcome of roles that he was urged to support. Once she had settled down, he kissed her forehead and left their hotel room to inhale fresh air outside. Obasi had originally thought that the edibles gave him freedom with the knowledge that had carried over from past lives, but he debated on whether they were poisonous to a soul, like pieces of the “forbidden fruit” or another fight that he would have to win to prove a point.

A man draped in a black trench coat and matching color fedora stepped over to Obasi as he sat on a parking block.

“It’s been a while…” Obasi said. He didn’t bother to even look up as the suspected mysterious gunsmith pulled out a golden M1911 pistol and disengaged its safety. Two gunshots and a loud thud woke Tianna from her deep sleep, prompting her to put on a robe to search for Obasi.

She left the hotel and saw Obasi limping with a ballistic injury to his abdomen, and the mysterious gunsmith lying on the ground after colliding with an unconscious drunk diver’s Jeep Wrangler. Tianna assisted Obasi back to their hotel room and he placed another order at the aforementioned cleaning service.

Obasi stretched out on the living room couch and right as he turned on the television, Tianna climbed on top of him, causing Obasi to yell in agony. Tianna stuck her middle and ring finger inside of his bullet wound while kissing him quietly. His gushing blood soaked her hand as she brought her inserted fingers back and forth rhythmically in a come-back motion. Obasi was terrified and his anxiety rose when Tianna unplugged her fingers out of his hole after finding the lead that he took from the mysterious gunsmith and let the blood spray while she reached into her robe to soothe her aching clitoris with the slug.

“Your second gift to me is so warm, daddy.” Tianna moaned, bringing herself to an orgasm that only the devil would be proud of.

In the following two weeks, Obasi led a double life as he would partake in psychopathic outings with his twin sister Tianna throughout the night and hide behind the mask of Jose Warfield during the day. He managed to defend himself and Tianna from swarms of progressively dangerous foes by studying from a cautionary guide that he had written based on his encounters with them in past lives. The attackers operated no differently than bots in a first-person shooter match and understanding their preferred methods of placement made them utterly predictable to Obasi. He would become tired of this and the constant earthquakes wherever they stayed, however. Obasi confronted his butler, Mr. Carratala, in their study room with the same golden M1911 pistol that the mysterious gunsmith carried and aimed it at his servant’s head as Mr. Carratala read Alexandre Dumas’ ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’.

“You’re the only figure that I can’t tell who I’ve met in a past life before,” Obasi said. “Tell me why the fuck you’ve been a beacon, Carratala, or I’m going to blow your brains out and then my own!”

Mr. Carratala revealed himself to be Obasi and Tianna’s father, Lucas Keifer Sr. The celestial parent explained the mechanics behind the situation that he and his sister were stuck in and why the twins needed to stay a great distance away in order to protect their counterfeit universe because it’s essentially life support for them. The virus was introduced into the program by their mother Oshun, who stole Doc’ Nansi’s code for an apple of Eden, and Lucas Keifer Sr. was protecting them from swarms of virtual antibodies that eliminated corrupted or oddly malicious entities within Nu-Heaven.

“You and Tianna’s magnetism is the beacon, son.” Lucas Keifer Sr. said. “You’re both north and south poles that insistently track down each others’ ferromagnetic metals because your actual souls are still figuratively conjoined in your mother’s womb.”

“Not that I don’t care about the science, but I’m exhausted, and while I’ll choose ignorance over being cursed with every single mistake that I was compelled to make, I don’t like living as someone who’s destined to die simply because they’ll interact with their own sibling.” Obasi ranted. “If you can’t end this dysfunctional glitch, then permanently delete my consciousness…and give my sister everything she needs in every single one of her remaining lives.”

Lucas Keifer Sr. was saddened, but at the same time proud of his son Obasi for making the courageous choice to forfeit his existence for his sister Tianna’s happiness and partially granted his plea to be taken out of Nu-Heaven. Tianna was institutionalized and committed suicide by unceasingly bashing her into the wall.

She was discovered dead in her cell with a smile on her face and a bloody arrow loop smeared on the wall.

Her next lives were arranged to be the healthiest and most privileged that a soul could be assigned to. Unbeknownst to Obasi, his consciousness was moved to the body of an Icadroid, as a test for a project labeled “Immortal Transference”. Mundïus was building an army that he classified as Nu-Angels and Obasi would be the first of hundreds that would invade Earth 3/12. An alternate universe so far from any salvation through converging procedures that its conception remained anomalous until Lucas Keifer Jr. tracked the source of its splintered timelines to Lord Saïd, an immortal time-traveling former slave of African descent who chaotically fractured history in a miscalculated effort to manipulate events with the intention of placing Black Americans in a position of economic and political superiority.

This anomaly within an anomaly would learn that he made a grave error in upsetting Mad Gods.

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