‘The Last Mother of Egypt’ by Linwood Storm [Multiverse Myths]

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Disclaimer: The tale that you are about to read has been illegally extracted from the Orion Five’s incomplete galactic archives and therefore any information provided in it should be deemed non-canonical concerning historic databases that document alternate timelines for educational purposes due to the possibility of third-party alterations.

Trigger Warning: Contains Graphic Violence, Rape, Racism, and Blasphemy

Without immediate conscious access to the knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors, we continue preserving our cruel nature while repeating a cycle that will inevitably doom the universe and force a “Hard Reset”. For this reason, there exists a ‘Church of Time’ on every Earth, and devoted priests who follow the commands of Mundïus in order to influence stability among the inhabitants of a universe. This requires understanding the need for karmic balance and the will to sacrifice morality for the sake of an overall fate that’s just. “The Passover” has been one of many recorded occurrences of divine intervention. An event that is widely considered to be Christian mythology and a needless act of infanticide caused by a petty God, was in fact, a corrupted experiment that has since haunted the land of Egypt.

The ancient deity Ra had taught Ramesses II telekinetic abilities so that he could transfer the soul of his dying son into a first-born Egyptian. During the process of selection, his connection was interrupted by Moses, who had come to assassinate him with a sword that he had transformed into his staff. After being struck through the heart, Ramesses II was healed by a loyal enslaved mage upon his discovery and found that in the morning, not only was his son killed as well but the souls of every first-born Egyptian were lost as wandering orbs of shrinking energy. Unable to save them all with his power depleting, he called upon a witch to bless the uterus of young and fertile Egyptian women that desired a child so that the souls would be reborn one day.

This last act would prove futile as the mothers would die of childbirth due to a lack of medical resources during a societal collapse. The witch, however, managed to locate the ‘Church of Time’, and with one last orb, dissipating ever so slowly, sent it into the future to find a woman worthy of carrying the bloodline. Enraged that she was able to hack the technology of Chronos’, the witch found herself executed and the use of magic that wasn’t sectioned by Gods at the highest level was banned in physical realms. As for the last wandering orb, it traveled throughout time and space before finding a twenty-three-year-old African-American female college student in her sleep at the knick of time. Hailie Sheffield’s DNA was being overwritten by prehistoric nanotech as she snored loudly next to her Dominican boyfriend, Dominic Lopez.

Dominic Lopez was a polyamorous painter who sold his artwork to fund his lifestyle as a cannabis-smoking backpacker that flaunted his success and laid down with hundreds of women. Hailie was his muse, however. A virgin that had not even been kissed once. Dominic considered Hailie his most prized possession and would not dare take her cherry for fear that he would lose his own innocence as a creative. She, on the other hand, wanted to explore her sexuality and decided to seek men through an ancestry dating app named ‘DN@Me’. This software paired its users based on their genetic makeup while omitting family relatives, and Hailie finally matched with an older gentleman who went by the name T.J. Hamad. He was a tall and fit Nigerian man who kept in shape, often running marathons with fellow employees of his company or teaching modern Tahtib classes on the weekends.

Hailie was infatuated by his presence whenever he was around. She wanted more than just a one-night stand with this distinguished creature, but T.J. had an agenda unbeknownst to her and patiently waited until her guard was down to enact his plot. Surprisingly, a wrench was thrown into the works! Dominic had texted Hailie one afternoon that he wanted to make love to her that night and she had accepted his proposal. Making her way inside of the apartment she shared with Dominic while at the same time breaking it off with T.J. with a final text, a shadowy figure grabbed her phone and crushed it with their bare hand. Before Hailie could scream, the shadowy figure grabbed her neck, lifted her body from the ground, and applied enough pressure to her larynx to keep any sounds from disturbing the neighbors.

While suspended in mid-air, she could hear the sound of a zipper being pulled down and a belt unfastening. Hailie kicked as hard as she could multiple times to no avail until falling to the ground, then gasped for any breath that she could find. Slapped onto her face was undoubtedly the biggest flaccid cock imaginable for the size of this figure. Without saying a word, he pinched Hailie’s nose, forcing her mouth to open as wide as it could, and his incredibly long, pulsating, and veiny member pursued the depths of her throat like a train through a tunnel. Unable to take the man’s enormous width and rapidly growing length, she gagged and vomited onto the living room floor.

“Pathetic akata…” the voice spoke in a familiar accent. Hailie now knew that her assailant was T.J. Hamad.

“Help…” she faintly whispered prior to having her sundress torn off by T.J.’s large hands. It was late at night and the neighbors were asleep. Dominic had not arrived yet either. T.J. grabbed Hailie by her afro puffs and mushed her face in the puke that stained the shag carpet.

“I don’t have much time before they come for me…” he spoke under his breath while unbuttoning his purple dress shirt and revealing the amount of extensive decorative tribal scarification from his chest down that was unknown to her. “But before I’m taken back, you will be bred and carry on the last of us.” T.J. held Hailie’s arms behind her back, and then tied his belt around her wrists as she pleaded with weakly damaged vocal cords.

Beginning to fade, a striking shock of pain was sent throughout her curvaceous body and fully awakened her. T.J. had violently shoved his tool into Hailie’s tight sugar walls and ripped open her hymen. Blood dripped as he started to thrust his hips back and forth with both thumbs on her lower back dimples. The more that she whimpered, the rougher he became, just to hear the agonizing harmony of her groans syncing with the sounds of his savage pounding against involuntary wetness.

It was impossible for Hailie to struggle with his legs pressing hers together and her sore arms now numb to the position that they were in. While relentless in the beginning, T.J.’s strength was nearly exhausted and he pulled out of her gaping vagina without hesitation to flip her over. T.J. wanted Hailie to look him in the eyes as he impregnated her. Hailie angrily spat in his face. Slightly amused, he scooped up the gob that she had spewed with his fingers and wiped it on her lips then licked them like a dog. Hailie disgustingly opened her mouth and T.J. returned the favor by spitting a huge wad of saliva into it.

Hailie choked on the repulsive fluids swishing down her tight throat as T.J. slid himself back into the hole that he had previously violated without mercy, and ravaged the hopeless woman until his hairy swollen balls were emptied to completion. Satisfied and relieved, T.J. dressed and kneeled down to Hailie with a devious smile on his face. as she dealt with muscle twitching.

“Out of all the women that I’ve had, you are truly the most special one.” T.J. proudly boasted. “Long live the power of Ra!”

Hailie had passed out and the next day, awakened inside of a hospital and lying in bed with Dominic sitting right beside her. He was holding a small jewelry box containing an engagement ring. Months passed and T.J. was nowhere to be found by the state’s law enforcement officers and detectives placed on the rape case. As a practicing catholic, Hailie was not on any contraceptives and had a premature birth to a baby boy that Dominic would believe is his because of a night shared between the two of them soon after she was discharged. This newborn would unexpectedly pass away a few nights later and drive Hailie toward having a hysterectomy. The cause of death is still a mystery to mankind.

Some religious zealots say that all the firstborns of Egypt during “The Passover” were destined to perish and that God made sure that any loose ends would be tied up.

Conspiracy theorists believe Hailie Sheffield’s baby was switched-at-birth by members of The Satanic Temple attempting to prevent the likelihood of an abduction by the hands of T.J., who more female victims had come forward concerning similar predicaments, or ‘The Church of Time’ and that another family may have custody of her son. Either way, tragedies stemming from an agenda to worship a new Pharaoh are all for naught. Lords that can be seen are no longer capable of wielding anything beyond the might of their servants, and any lord that needs to be seen should not be permitted to unless a heavenly accord is signed by each principal shareholder of the multiverse.

The probability of this happening remains at 1%.

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