Top 10 Queens that Represent the “Essence of Hip-Hop” [Linwood’s Picks] [Part II]

Linwood Storm returns with the second installment of his “Essence of Hip-Hop” lists, showcasing his top picks for the Black women of Hip-Hop that exceptionally represent an artistic expression of the culture from the point of view of our women that normally isn’t broadcasted by the mainstream media without corporate exploitation.


I’m the modern anomaly, brazen Amelie, faceless
Representing the basement, raised up, cageless
Limitless, reminiscent of rapists
Boundaries, got none; rock, paper, shotgun
Achtung, baby not an A.D.D 80’s baby I’m not from
Rated G catering eras
I was the type of New Yorker rhyming at night in the park
And hiding a knife in hair and even though Mama was careful


“I tried to tell you was an alien once or twice
I guess 10 albums of evidence just did not suffice
This world don’t fit me, I’m wearing it like a faulty size
But I still slay every space I’ve been known to occupy
Spewing ink on this 8 x 11, they call me octopi
But most of my lines don’t see light of day like they Dracula”


“I went off to college, young Denise
Young Kelis, how I left my address
Pulled up to Grammys errrh, all red
When I step to mic Um! See em all dead
Visionary, won’t never scared
Never backed down if I was ever dared
I can’t be compared, I wear a black berets
I got a panther in me, I’m Cameron nigga
I only play ball where the winners winning, ok”


“I’m being real, I swear I’m being modest
I don’t gotta be fly, I’m fly in my pockets
I rather invest money and triple my profit
The fliest niggas be broke and it’s eating they conscience
Cause they pretend and they try to wear all these designers
You call it designer, I call it disguising”


Ice cold, yeah, I’m goin’ skiin’
I get around at the Colosseum
Used to roam around with no pot to pee in
I was pissed off
Get away with murder like Christophe
You get crisscrossed in the big loft
I’m a big boss
So much sauce, I drip broth


“Times I would get home late to my mumzie’s crib
Simbi, who are you with?
What have you done?
Where have you been?”
Shit (Damn)
Tears in my eyes real tears when Ken got nicked (Ken got nabbed)
Tore everyone apart but the law don’t give two shits
(Don’t give two fucks)
Just another black boy in the system doing time in bin (True)
But he had a heart full of gold, good intent with a smile so big
Oh, he did, ay”


“Bitch I’m in the 212
With the fif cocked nigga
It’s the 2 1 zoo
Fuck ya gon do
When ya goon sprayed up
Bet his bitch won’t get him
Betcha you won’t do much!
See, even if you do want to bust
Your bitch’ll get you cut and touch your crew up too”


“You playing Daredevil, I’mma be that bitch Elektra
Now you can’t even measure, you such a pretty gal
A dropkick from me feeling like a fifty cal’
A bitch is gonna get ya, this really could get dirty
Box cutter in heels, seals thirty thirties
You wanna call my bluff, ya’ll nowhere near tough
My shank turn furry Kangols to some earmuffs”


“Never questioning can he get buck wild
He’s gotta smack it, lick it, swallow it up style
Drink a beer, sittin’ his chair
Hands in his pants, fiddlin’ with his dick hairs
He’s a rudeboy, a raggamuf’
Ready to bag another brother that he ranks not ruff enough”


“Keep my name out your fucking mouth
Before you find out what we about
Type of shit that you read about
If you talk it then be about it
Call 9-1-1, this bitch bleedin’ out
But we still got the speakers loud
Give a fuck if you reachin’ out”
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