Top 10 Films to see before reading GameCargo’s One-Shot ‘Mad Gods’ and experiencing the GCUniverse [Linwood’s Picks]

It’s getting closer and closer to the release date of GameCargo’s One-Shot graphic novel ‘Mad Gods’ and much like one another filmmaker, Linwood Storm has the tendency to wear his influences on his sleeves as a way to not only pay homage but to boast his immense knowledge of film and how he has utilizes his passion it in order to create the innovative GCUniverse. Once again, we have asked him to make another list, however, this time, the films that have been picked are to show what served as inspiration which was drawn from for this eccentric project!

Whether obvious to some or confusing as to why to most, these are no doubt interesting choices coming from our unparalleled founder and prominent writer of many stories that we have been privileged to share with our fans!