Top 10 Songs that Represent the “Essence of Hip-Hop” [Linwood’s Picks] [Part I]

With Linwood Storm recently dipping his toes back in the ocean of recording Hip-Hop music under GameCargo’s subsidiary company and record label, Ultimate Mecha, we’ve asked him to select songs of the genre that, in his opinion, personally represent the “essence of Hip-Hop” along with highlighting lyrics on why, in a three part list prior to the release of “Good Year” featuring Jamica Monet and Novaman.

For those that haven’t, also be sure to watch episode four from ‘Black Grindhouse’ season one titled ‘The Soundtrack Of Our Lives’ that features Linwood Storm and frequent guest, Gold Will of the ‘Black Medium’ podcast as they go over music in general that speak for their personalities.

“Now since people of color are genetically dominant
And Caucasoids are genetically recessive
And whites expect to be predominant, meaning survive as a race then
They simply must take precautions
That’s why they’re worried about their future now
‘Cause by 2050 almost all the Earth’s population will be brown
Then black, so understandin’ that, whites counter-react.”
“Cameras on the corner of every corner you’re facing
Testing out a future gestapo on immigration
Power consolidation, information restricted (right here!)
Just like the iron law of oligarchy predicted (hmm)
Incarcerating the poor among the drug addicted (huh)
But not the families of the ruling class that’s afflicted (why?)
Cause it’s a fuckin’ caste system like corrupted Hinduism.”
“Every job I ever had I had to get on the first day
I find out how to pimp on the system
Two steps ahead of the manager
Getting over on the regular tax free money out of the register
And when I’m working late nights stocking boxes
I’m creeping their merchandise
And don’t put me on dishes I’m dropping them bitches
And taking all day long to mop the kitchen shit
We ain’t getting paid commission, minimum wage, modern day slave conditions
Got me flippin’ burgers with no power
Can’t even buy one off what I make in an hour
I’m not the one to kiss ass for the top position
I take mine off the top like a politician
Where I’m from doing dirt is a part of living
I got mouths to feed I gots to get it!”
“Now I realize the cost after I lost my best friend Bean
I recognize as a King
Who am I to tell you to stop smokin?
Now you’re open to disease and colds
And ain’t 16 years old, this shit has got to stop
Let’s take a walk through detox, I want outta this hole
I’m in a cell under attack, loc up folks
They in the hood, got an eye on every move
I make open your face to info you ain’t know ’cause it’s kept low
How the new world plan reach the planet without the black man.”
“I’ve seen a lot of my peers give up their careers for some fast money
They could’ve been boxers, ballplayers, or rap singers
Instead they bank robbers and crack slingers
Ayo, they used to be legit kids, now they corrupt
They had dreams, but gave ’em up ’cause they street struck.”
“Dear Lord, I’m fucked up in shambles
I thought you weren’t supposed to give me more than I can handle
And not to blasphemous but Lord I gotta ask this
How you let adults fuck children in their asses
How you let these evil motherfuckers rule the masses
And jack the lower classes until the stock crashes
I’m sick of evil getting over and me I’m trying to be a better man like I’m supposed to
Trying to stay sober cause I’m running out of chauffeurs
And rap’s my only way to sit and talk with Jehovah.”
“Ronald Reagan was a actor, not at all a factor
Just an employee of the country’s real masters
Just like the Bushes, Clinton, and Obama
Just another talking head telling lies on teleprompters
If you don’t believe the theory, then argue with this logic
Why did Reagan and Obama both go after Qaddafi?”
“But anyway though, she got it on smash like mashed potatoes
High class with a ass that’ll smash on J. Lo
Lay low, got Play-Doh, stash the payroll
Ain’t no – credit card, spendin cash on Rodeo
And me? I’m at the Slauson Swap Meet
Lookin for a pair of Air One’s and white tee’s
She want champagne, I got Sisco and Kool-Aid
Why go to the movies? let’s watch the bootleg.”
“Now, I’m a grown man, and I got a pad and a hoopty. I’m a bad motherfucker, so I ain’t mad at these groupies who love me because I’m a erratic, want me to batter the coochie.
Some like me ’cause I’m dirty, or sad ’cause I’m spooky. But bitches use pussy for power and politics.
For the right money, every one of them will swallow dicks. For the diamonds and jewelry, they’re supplying the booty. I’m not the kid jerking off, now I’m the guy in the movie.
And I gotta watch myself when I’m eyeing a cutie. ‘Cause some of them are unstable and violent, truly.
‘Cause (?) can bring drama and sirens to me. I’m blowing up. The (?) is trying to use me. So, nowadays, I can’t even trust a slut. ‘Cause she let everybody hit it and touch the butt. I can’t lie, I still fiend and I lust to fuck. Since the first time I accidentally busted that nut.” [Translated as lyrics not officially available.]
Everybody was afraid of the Germans, afraid of the Japs
But most of all, afraid of a homeland attack
And that morning, when Ken went out on the doormat
His world went black, ’cause
Right there, front page news
Three weeks before 1942
Pearl Harbor’s been bombed and “The Japs are Coming”