Top 10 ‘GameCargo Recommended’ YouTube Channels to binge during the Covid-19 Lockdown [Linwood’s Picks]

With season one of the ‘Black Grindhouse’ podcast coming to an end soon, and a brief intermission afterward, we at have asked the host, Linwood Storm, to give us some of his personal YouTube channel recommendations in regard to relevant podcasts, essays, and channels that inspire and entertain him, along with include notes on why. Not only does our family hope that these picks will educate our fans, but get them through this tough time on planet Earth as we’re locked in together.


“Reel Black” is possibly the most informative channel that I’ve binged. I’ve seen every Charles Woods aka The Professor videos and I admire his knowledge of Black film, which is a topic that I am very passionate about discussing on the Black Grindhouse podcast from my perspective.” – Linwood Storm


“I’m religiously obsessed with this channel because its detailed exploration series appeals to me as a lover of motion pictures that are underrated, have influenced my works, and spark creativity on approaching film-making on a shoestring budget.” – Linwood Storm



“Although I focus on storytelling in other mediums more so than music, as someone who considers himself a wordsmith and has a background in the music industry, I enjoy watching Crank Lucas’ satirical take on the styles and flows that find themselves becoming trends.” – Linwood Storm


“I was practically raised and found myself an aficionado of Asian cinema, which seems like a surprise, but it runs deeply in the family. Therefore, I love listening to takes that point out what I have noticed and what I have missed at times through educational dialogue.” – Linwood Storm


“I love the breakdowns by SpookyRice because it’s very rare as a fellow black cinephile to meet another that’s similarly invested in provocative content and exploitative themes in cinema. While I’ve seen many of the pictures that he’s covered, there are plenty that I found myself seeking out because of how ridiculous they seemed.” – Linwood Storm


“The main genre that I write and direct in is action, whether that crosses over with others or utilizes themes that can give its pacing and storytelling an advantage. This comes at a price when I have seen an immense amount of action movies, so I’m very sensitive to how scenes progress visually. I hate quick cuts, jarring takes from confusing angels, stiff movement during hand-to-hand combat, camera shots that are suffocating, unnecessary flashes, and visual effects that were clearly a waste of money while degrading the product’s overall quality. So, hearing Rossatron point out what I have complained about for a long time and praise what usually goes unnoticed by the average viewer is exciting. Even if our tastes differ.” – Linwood Storm


“Many people are aware that I am a vegan by now, however, I am also a minimalist. I believe in living according to what I hold as essential to my pursuit of happiness. Whether this requires simplifying my living space to enhance mental clarity, minimizing contact or removing negative individuals from my daily routine, or using my free time to study subject matter that I deem valuable. So, it’s nice to have a channel dedicated to that and I plan to speak on my approach in the near future.” – Linwood Storm


“As much as I can sit through an interview of someone that I follow, I appreciate that this channel highlights what can be very applicable to growth by briefly showcasing experiences of talented entrepreneurs or prominent go-getters in entertainment and what the viewpoints that they have acquired from them.” – Linwood Storm


“Seeing Interaction between a group of creators, in this case, filmmakers, directors and actors, from different walks of life is astonishing. Not only does it take an impressive collaborative effort to put public meetings like these together, but the viewer gets to witness stories being told and related to the field of possible interest.” – Linwood Storm
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