Drawing from the Dream World as Source Material

As far back as I can remember, I have been an avid lucid dreamer. My first experience with challenging a reality that my mind has constructed during my sleep was accidental. I had learned after falling from an incredible height during one of these adventures that “death” would awaken me from this particular state of unconsciousness. I wouldn’t be surprised if this realization helped me overcome my slight religious indoctrination and the fear of an uncertain afterlife. Once I became an agnostic atheist, death was no longer a trigger and psychological chains would then be loosened by oddities that would occur such as going inside of a movie theater’s auditorium and seeing a very disturbing scene on the projection screen. I am unaware of why this has continued to happen, however, when I know that I am dreaming, I typically avoided them. Recently, I have entered a few, which assisted my writing in a horror screenplay titled ‘BHI’. This lessened the terrifying images that I was faced with in the future, and overall, it has forced my brain to conjure more petrifying representations of what I’ve emotionally buried.

For example, I once had a physical altercation with my father as a teenager. Not only did I develop trust issues towards authority, but I had constant nightmares of arguing or fighting with him. He and I are on great terms now, although I still have these moments in dreams once in a while. Even though it’s clear that the abusive experience has had a traumatic effect in the past, I do believe part of why there are remnants of it is because I sometimes feel that I am in his shadow from being overprotected, when many, including him, have admitted that I’ve always been ahead of my peers in terms of ambition. My dreams usually reflect my concept of freedom instead of wealth though. In order to be happy, I must be free, and vice versa. This doesn’t necessarily mean avoiding diversity. Quite the contrary as I love solving problems in my pursuit of knowledge. That said, I enjoy the adventure I will often find myself in that commonly incorporates a chase and myself as a protector of a weaker individual. Whether significant other, friend, or child, has been the recurring theme. Possibly drawing from my fear of a degrading society and its influences, intertwined with a “savior complex” manifestation.

I don’t question my dreams unless they seem related to a situation that I’m in or warning signs due to being prevalent at a certain location or residence. In the previous two years, I encountered night terrors at times and I don’t believe they were a coincidence as they coincided with non-viable fantasies that felt like parallel extensions of a circumstance that I found myself in. I don’t believe in the supernatural, however, my assumption would be that I was being guided away, as my brain decided that I was off-track, in regards to my mission. I have no reason to disagree because they’ve stopped for the time being after February. I was also told that one of those residences were haunted, so I’m very much at peace with keeping my distance. The superstition that Black Americans may hold, instinctively keeps us alive. That’s why you don’t see many of us in horror movies.

With that predictable joke aside, the mineral zinc has shown to improve the vividness of dreams. I take a healthy dose of these dietary supplements after the last meal of the day and I never fail to be amazed by a journey that I tend to jot as many details of down in a fifty-cent notebook that I keep nearby my bed. I’ve gone through three over the years. I’ve benefited greatly from analyzing the segments of distinctively familiar dreams, along with finding connections between a few. To my astonishment, I’ve discovered the many ways that my brain sorts out affairs that I may think too hard about handling. Becoming aware of this has allowed me access to the calmness that I seek in the morning without the use of drugs or alcohol. The feeling last long enough to motivate me through daily tasks that I’ve set for myself. I don’t fixate on it though. I can see doing so leading to impulsive decisions like having a child because of the blissful nature that I existed in as a father of what amounts to simulated conditions.

I will ponder whether those “simulated conditions” were precognitive visions, a pathway into screening another dimension, genetic memories from a previous life, or an ancestor that was reconstructed to avoid disrupting the simulation, or self-therapy. I do try to find a lesson that can be applied. There is behavior that I once exhibited and corrected due to panic. One of my closest friends and I mended our relationship because I hated what was shown to me as an alternative outcome. Begrudgingly, I’ve reached out to my mother, in the past, and continue to check-in on her for the sake of my own mental health. I don’t regret the choices that are made to build a better future but understand that ultimately, I’m in control of what needs to be sorted out, and what needs to be momentarily stored in the “back of my head”. The mistake of extending an olive branch to those that aren’t deserving of it may result in unreasonable resentment, so I allow that connection to deteriorate as it’s rare when being “out of sight, out of mind” doesn’t work for me.

My attitude is the one aspect of my personality that most of my peers, colleagues, and partners have always noted about me. I can’t say that I was ever anti-social, but I definitely classify myself as an introvert, to the surprise of several individuals close to me. I’m outgoing when I want to be, yet prefer silent meditation in various forms. When I dream, especially lucidly, inhibitions are let go, even if my brain manufactures “laws” to abide by, if I’m not too careful. I’ve always assumed that they were there to keep me busy. No matter how boring they were. I’ve spent what felt like twenty-minutes, in a dream doing menial tasks like navigating through an airport and meeting up with someone, when in actuality, I slept for two hours in the real world. There have even been times when I will dream about doing something that I have planned to do the exact same day. Of course, that’s frustrating to awaken to and find nothing has been accomplished, but it “keeps me busy”. On the flip side, they have given me an idea of how I want to go about doing what I had planned. There’s always an underlying reason!

I also hold the belief that skills can be obtained through genetic memory after being exercised within dreams. That skill could be fighting, driving, art, etc. I liken this topic to the ‘Assassin’s Creed’ franchise and how they scientifically handle the possibility of decoding what has been passed down to a descendant of the animus. It’s been a while since I’ve played the video games and I stopped after the last release for the Xbox 360, so I’m sure there’s a lot that I need to catch up on. Still, the theory that we can develop what was learned from previous generations simply by dreaming is fascinating! With Japanese researchers progressively figuring out a way to record dreams, we might be able to compare the imagery that is subconsciously being fed to us, with physical existence as we know it. Not only would that lead to a new genre in the film industry (with repercussions to be expected) or potentially crack open cold cases (with legal concerns abound), but others would be able to virtually experience simulations that we were exposed to. Much like the underrated 1995 science-fiction movie ‘Strange Days’!

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