Linwood Storm On Only Making “25 Films”

To quote a line from Kendrick Lamar’s hit song from his album ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’ “King Kunta”:

“Aw, yeah, fuck the judge. I made it past 25, and there I was. A little nappy-headed nigga with the world behind him. Life ain’t shit but a fat vagina .”

Not too long ago, I entered my mid-twenties. An accomplishment among Black men due to the unfortunate circumstances common within impoverished communities, a corrupt justice system that supports the countless amount of executions committed by law enforcement and lack of significant learning. My background has been that of privilege due to hard-working parents and my knowledge along with passion in the fields that I dabble with owe acknowledgment to my environment. Therefore, it is safe to say that I would not have made it this far if it were not for several variables that should indeed be embraced by Black culture instead of looked down upon while associating traits with acting as another racial identity. Most notably, White Americans.

Hence part of the reason why as a writer, I stray from glorifying the degraded aspects of urban culture and lack of fundamental education. It’s overused “placement” in content that represents my fellow man and ignorant mannerisms that we are frequently portrayed displaying are excused under the guise of reflecting reality when that couldn’t be farther from the truth. While negative stereotypes can be argued under a certain context, what’s often seen as the alternative is over exaggerated attributes such as being extremely intelligent or lifeless/thoughtless personalities with one defining trait to push media as progressive. Like being homosexual in an interracial relationship with a white individual, or objectified sexually, in a manner that’s reminiscent of a sophisticated beast, much tamer than how American Society painted us as in the past, for the purpose of propaganda.

I consider either side of the spectrum as “playing it safe”, which seems like a hypocritical critique at first, however, truly boils down to “good writing”. Which is subjectivity at its finest. Personally, I don’t want to create a destiny for my characters that my writing inevitably leads them to. Even if my own philosophy is based on determinism. I enjoy being along for the ride, yet a “God” in my own rite, as if I were playing an M-Rated version of ‘Sims’ in an exploitation movie setting. I may switch between the protagonist and supportive characters to manipulate their decisions for the purpose of seeing what happens, but I don’t exactly decide what may occur until after I do. Regardless of events that imagine myself tackling throughout the story, it’s the mystery that keeps me loving the process.

Over the course of my screenwriting career, I plan on tackling subject matter that I consider relevant, interlaced with outlandish escapism. While I don’t find myself consciously doing this during the writing process unless I’ve created an outline as a basis for creating dialogue, I’ve developed a tedious habit of returning to pages so that I can interject moments that socially flesh-out my world. This is very evident in ‘BHI’, which is the first installment of upcoming my ‘Black’ horror trilogy and partially the reason why I’ve gone through many drafts when updating my first screenplay ‘The Time Spirit’. Where others see “easter eggs”, I see the opportunity to build an experience worth revisiting due to multiple layers enhancing one’s viewing. Not for the sake of relying on homage or referencing news currently transpiring, but creating material that encourages engagement from the intended audience.

With all of that said, I do find myself engaged with other mediums of artistic expression. Of course, I began telling my tales in the comic book format, however, I studied animation and I was somewhat of an ambitious game designer in my youth. So, I would like to convey to my own people that our talent isn’t limited to one outlet and we do have the time to strive for all of our passions. Regardless of how big or small they are. That’s why I plan on completing twenty-five films and moving on, indefinitely. I don’t want to be trapped in a sea of redundancy or feel obligated to “provide” when I may be given the opportunity to “pass the torch” to other likeminded creators that contribute to GameCargo.

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