The Line Between Truth vs. Influence & Future of Gamecargo

I’m always caught between sharing my experiences in articles that I author, an autobiographical at a later point down the line–or implementing them in stories and characters that I write. The problem with the first two is that not everything that I’ve done or seen needs to be shared publicly. Concerning the latter, I do think my work benefits from having a sense of personal direction, as I can base it on events that have transpired in my life and others whom I’ve had the pleasure to know.

Though I look at the influence, like many, as a starting point. Eventually the individuals that I create grow into their own personalities, which are shaped by their respective arcs. I’ve gone from a character that was made to mirror myself, evolving to someone I would never want to become and detested.

Right now, I’m glad to be working on a project where I can exercise a bit of creative freedom and distance myself from any other precedents that I’ve set in my world’s timeline. ‘B.H.I.’ will probably be the best example I can give on how I plan on going about creating standalone tales that exist in the same universe, without relying on connections or crossovers.

To a certain extent, Takashi Mikii’s range from Family Friendly to Violent and abstract content inspired me to build a realm that could co-exist many genres. Like having a princess from an animated kids movie shown to be one of the escapees in the background of a live-action Hostel/Saw-esque film. The bizarre connection would be confirmed, instead of a “nod”. The extreme magnitude of this allowance might even make ‘Rule 35’ obsolete , if more so lenient companies decided to go this route.

I can see confusion and uproar coming into play, but honestly, like many risque jokes in older shows and movies targeted towards children, they would most likely go over their heads– unless brought to their attention by overprotected parents and the lack of parental blocks.

It’s definitely something I would like to pursue, as the challenge of switching between tones is interesting, and I may find ease with writing a fairy tale. Though the restriction of violent means to problem solving may prove to be a difficult obstacle.

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